The UTS Capoeira Club is part of an international school, Grupo Capoeira Brasil (GCB), which was founded in 1989 (as a tribute to 100 years of the abolition of slavery) in the city of Niteroi, the Masters Paulinho Sabia (Niterói – RJ), Boneco (Barra – RJ) and Paulão Ceará (Fortaleza – CE).    UTS capoeira classes are taught by Formanda Mariana, a “brown cord” or contra-mestre in GCB and a student of Mestre Paulinho Sabia.

Formanda Mariana “Potiguara” has been in Sydney for over 15 years teaching people from many nationalities with a wonderful passion.  She has been the primary instructor at the UTS Capoeira Club since its foundation in 2008.  She also teaches a kids class and the school performs regularly at fairs and events.  For more information about personal classes, kids classes or performances, please contact Mariana directly.

GCB today is spread throughout the world, on 5 continents, with more than 400 teachers and more than 900 centres.  Here in Australia, there are many classes taught by students of Mestre Paulinho Sabia including Gold Coast and Townsville.  In addition, the UTS Capoeira Club is well linked to other capoeira schools around Australia.  This is important as it allows students to experience the styles and influences of different teachers, as each teach has a unique personality that shapes his or her capoeira game.