How Much Do Australians Use for Gambling?


Among more than hundred countries that the global researchers have researched, Australia was recognized to have a considerable number of communities that bet. This is decided according to the amount of Australian bookmakers’ use of losses on betting fields. More older sport markers in Australia have shown  to have a loss of $1,128. We can tell this as the cost per one individual.

Normally, through betting online, globally they are hoping to get  more money such as 182 billion US dollars in 2026. In 2018, only this online world betting sector has received $51.96 billion in revenue. 

For a long time, the US has been significant as the eventual country when talking about gambling. This happens mainly due to Las Vegas and its amazing popularity when talking about having the biggest land-based casinos. 

In fact, Australia is one of the front line countries we consider about the gambling in normal. According to research, nearly 80 percent of Australians have gambled at least once, and the number of Woo Casino Australia members prove that. Australians prefer betting, particularly pokies.

In the meantime, we can see nearly 6.8 million daily betters in Australia.  As a percentage, that is 39 percent of the 90 percent population which has already gambled. In the same 80 percent, 54 percent are males and 49 percent are ladies.

Actually, Australia is the sixth country with the maximum number of digital sporting machines or pokies. Aussies have capability to enter in this game whether they go to pubs, restaurants, hotels, and land-based casinos. 

When we talk about the amount that Australians separate on gambling, the estimated value is nearly $24 billion. Apart from that, they spent $10 million on sports betting. As a result of online land based casinos being more legal in the country, this is where Australians spend money the most.

Do you know that more than hundred billion dollars Aussies are spending on casino games and pokies in each year. As a total, Aussies spend more than $200 billion on betting every year. 

Below I have mentioned  the average value that Australians spent on gambling in the year 2015 to 2016

Gambling in Australia
  • Off-course bookmaker  $200,000
  • Pools $4,500,000
  • Tab Tote Odds $5,400,000
  • Minor Gaming $31,800,000
  • Lotteries $47,800,000
  • On-course Totaliser $49,800,000
  • Instant Lottery $190,100,000
  • Keno $345,900,000
  • Bookmaker Fixed Odds $397,300,000
  • Tab Fixed Odds $518,000,000
  • On-course Bookmaker $846,900,000
  • Lotto $1,895,900,000
  • TAB $2,045,900,000
  • Casino $5,194,900,000
  • Gaming Machines $12,074,200,000

So it’s pretty clear how huge gaming machines or pokies are in Australia. This country has over 200,000 pokies or machines over the area. Nearly 100,000 of these pokies could be found in NSW as well as the others are spread throughout Australia. Basically, there is one machine for every 114 people in the country. 

The complete amount of money that Aussies spend on pokies individually is nearly $12 billion each year. Some calculations also have shown that near to fifty per cent of the Australians use on gambling is for pokies. Actually this is a highlighted fact in the betting field. 

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