How to maximise your chances of winning by betting on handball?

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Even if countries like Russia, Spain or some Eastern European nations also have a handball culture, it is clearly the Scandinavian countries and reign supreme on the handball world! Even if the supreme title escaped them in 2019, the “Experts” have won the world championship 6 times and the supreme Olympic grail twice (2008 and 2012). It is therefore not surprising to see all the legal sports betting sites  offering you bets on handball matches by team and/or by club, in the championship, in the Champions League and many others. Whether you are a handball fan or a handball novice, we hope you enjoy it! 

How to bet on single bets in handball?

Note that: 

  • Draws are very rare in handball. For example, during their 2018/2019 triumph in the Lidl Starligue (the official name of the French top division of handball), PSG had only one ‘draw’ in 26 matches.
  • Even if the probability of a non-positive result is very slim, don’t bet on the odds too low, below 1.2 or 1.3 to 1. Surprises are not impossible. And it’s not PSG fans, who were surprisingly eliminated by Kielce in the 2018/2019 Champions League at the quarter-final stage, who will tell us otherwise.

How to bet on handball combination bets?

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Very popular , handball combination bets are the second most used form of betting on the sport. The principle is simple: you combine several bets together, which allows you to increase the potential odds. 

For example: Cherbourg (1.22), Dunkerque (4) and PSG (1.01) win their respective league games, giving you combined odds of 4.93 to 1. But be warned: while they may seem like a great way to increase your potential handball betting winnings, combination bets are strongly discouraged by professional bettors. Surprises ruining your combos are all too common and you will rarely win in the long run… 

How to bet on the winners of handball competitions?

Just like betting on the future winner of the Champions League in football, you can easily bet on the winner of a competition of your choice, from the EHF Men’s Champions League to the German DKB Bundesliga, the Spanish Liga ASOBAL or our Lidl Starligue, not to mention the various international competitions. Although this type of betting is often long term, good odds can be found if you get in early and manage to anticipate the performance of a club like Skopje in the Champions League, to quote a very prominent recent example. 

How to bet on individual players in handball?


Unlike football – where betting on scorers is for example ultra-popular – it is unfortunately not possible to bet on individual performances when betting on handball matches. It’s a shame, we’d love to be able to bet on the Richardson son as top scorer for example, but there’s not much we can do about it… 

What are the most popular side bets in handball?

Fortunately, it is quite possible to maximise your handball winnings with side bets. The most popular ones on French sports betting sites are probably the following: 

The total number of goals (minus or plus). Note that the bar is often around 50 points.

Combo bets (single bet and total goals). Simply a combination of a single bet and the type of secondary bet mentioned above. Example for a match between Dunkerque HB and HBC Nantes: a bet on Dunkerque / less than 52.5 goals (7 to 1) is probably more risky than a similar bet on the other team: HBC Nantes / less than 52.5 goals (2.25 to 1)

Double chance bets. These allow you to bet on a team + the possibility of a draw. They should be avoided completely as draws are super rare in handball. This does not prevent the odds from dropping drastically compared to a single bet… 

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