What are our tips for winning at football betting?

betting on American Football

More than ever, and before we mention three specific tips, the basic foundation of NFL betting is… simply knowing a little about the sport! While the 10 basic tips for winning at sports betting will certainly help you, American football is one of the most complex sports to understand and master. 

If you are a beginner, you should consider following US Football games without betting, but also check out some tutorials on Youtube and many others. Even though we offer a lot of free predictions on our page (often about the NFL playoffs), you need to understand a little about the sport before committing yourself, even if you have received advice from a “specialist”. 

Bankroll management in American Football betting

In any case, you won’t get away with anything if you don’t apply good and strict bankroll management when betting on American football. Even more so than with rugby betting (the European big brother?!), you should not bet more than 2-3% of your sports betting bankroll on NFL games or statistics. 

Understand the importance of game systems before betting on American Football

American Football betting

This is probably the most important but complex aspect of American football: the game systems used by each franchise. These represent the totality of the ways in which the managers of each team gain ground/points against their opponents. Does your favourite team tend to take big risks in the defensive phase by focusing on the quarterback in blitz mode? In the offensive phase, do they favour possession or position? What about the opponent? 

If all of the above is Chinese, you should definitely focus on learning the basics of American football before betting on the sport. And if not, you should try to anticipate the “value” according to the traditional playing systems of each franchise/coach(s). 

Don’t overestimate the importance of one or another player’s absence in the NFL

With as many as 46 players listed on a team’s roster, it goes without saying that the presence (or not) of a player should not be overestimated in the potential outcome of a game. Of course, the potential absence of the superstar QB is an exception that proves the rule. But apart from this very specific case, two or three absent players will rarely make a significant difference. 

Don’t overestimate the importance of the “recent form” of NFL franchises

Unlike all the other major American leagues (MLB, NBA and NHL), the season for American football franchises is ultra-short: 17 games in the regular season; whereas betting on ice hockey is done with teams playing more than 80 games per season! Even though American football is a very physical sport, the recent form of the teams, the fatigue of the players and other issues related to the sequence of games are of relative importance. 

How to take advantage of sports betting bonuses and promotions to bet on American Football?


If there is one sporting event that really gets people excited in the world of American sports, it is the US football final, the famous Super Bowl! When the Super Bowl is about to be played (usually at the beginning of February), offers and promotions abound on all licensed sports betting sites. While reading the terms and conditions carefully, you should always try to make the most of them! 

And for the regular season / play offs, the following three bonuses and promotions are available: 

  • French betting site welcome bonuses, which are all in the form of a first bet bonus refunded if the first bet loses, are THE perfect way to get started on a site where you’ve never had an account, if you specialise in American football. The amount of money you can get back is very interesting: between 50 and 150 dollars, depending on the bookmaker of your choice.
  • Boosted odds: even though they are much more common in football betting, the main NFL games often come with enhanced odds, which allow you to get better sports betting odds, without any special conditions. 
  • Cashout offers: especially if you are a night owl and plan to watch the NFL live on one of the bookmakers offering live American football games, the possibility of “reselling” your NFL predictions to the sports betting site can be very interesting, especially if you don’t like the way things are going live.

Best bookmakers to bet on American Football

First and foremost, we must stress two points: always try to favour sports betting sites where you have not yet had an account and therefore, by the same token, where you have never taken advantage of a first money-back bet if you lose. Furthermore, for obvious reasons of objectivity and neutrality (important points for the team), we invite you to make your own opinion about the best bookmakers to bet on the NFL.

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