How does a free online blackjack game work?

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In this section, our experts would like to explain in detail how a free online blackjack game is played. As you will discover, there is no difference with the pay mode, the games are exactly the same and allow you to prepare yourself for the fight!

  • Your choice of seat and your bet: you can place yourself wherever you want in the different seats that the game offers;
  • Dealing the cards: the dealer will deal you two cards face up and will deal himself one card face down. If you have more than one seat, you will receive all your cards in this initial phase;
  • Player’s choice: when all cards have been dealt by the dealer, the first player to the left of the dealer must make a choice;
  • Banker’s turn: the last player to play, the dealer will deal cards to himself until he reaches a minimum of 17. If he goes over 21, the bank automatically loses;
  • The payout: at the end of the dealer’s turn, the players receive their winnings or give their losing bets to the bank. A new game can then begin!

In just a few minutes of a free blackjack game, you will understand how the game works.

An overview of the free blackjack games on the net: crazy quality at zero cost

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Blackjack is a popular table game in land-based casinos, but also on high-quality casino sites. Unlike slot machines or online roulette, like other games such as craps, it is essential to master the basics of the game in order to enjoy it fully.

Free online blackjack variations

The free online blackjack games that you will find on our site are identical to those that you can enjoy in casinos. We strive to provide content that is optimized for your satisfaction. Here is a list of the most popular free online blackjack variations.

  • European Blackjack: This is the most played free online blackjack game. Two cards are face up for the players, one face down for the bank, and then the rounds can begin;
  • Live Blackjack – popular with players, live blackjack is simply played against live dealers filmed in real casinos;
  • American Blackjack: the dealer draws a card for the players and the bank to see, then a second card for the players to see, and a face down card for the bank;
  • Single Deck Blackjack: this is the most popular variant in Europe as it has only one shoe.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of different variants of free online blackjack, so if you like this type of game, you will be able to rediscover it more and more every day!

Software to play free blackjack

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Through our library of free online blackjack games, you will have the opportunity to make your selection of free blackjack entertainment according to your preferred provider. From the graphics, to the tables, to the game’s soundtrack, the free blackjack experience at home has never been more enjoyable thanks to quality publishers.

Here are the most reputable publishers for playing free online blackjack:

  • Microgaming: the pioneer of online blackjack games;
  • Netent: surely one of the best blackjack game publishers;
  • Betsoft: it offers very original variants and innovates every year in this field;
  • Evolution Gaming: the professional and number 1 in live blackjack;
  • Real Time Gaming: a top publisher with quality graphics.

There are actually hundreds of them, but only a few dozen are high quality providers. We could also mention Playtech or Rival who offer quality free online blackjack titles!

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