Yggdrasil continues to scare us with its new Baron Samedi™ iSlot

Baron Samedi slot

You may not have noticed, but Baron Samedi™ is the third of the dark-themed Yggdrasil slots in recent months. The hugely talented publisher has just released a new epic title that takes its inspiration from disturbing voodoo magic.

Hold on to your hats, Baron Samedi™ is a spellbinding iSlot in many ways. Indeed, Dark Vortex™ and Wolf Hunters™ have already made an impact, and we logically wanted to know if Baron Samedi™ lived up to its two predecessors.

Baron Samedi™ is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot that offers you quite a collection of features. These will make your experience unique. But first let’s talk about the basic slot machine.

“[…] Dark Vortex™ and Wolf Hunters™ have already made an impact, and we logically wanted to know if Baron Samedi™ lived up to its two predecessors.”

Baron Samedi Yggdrasil

The visuals are incredible. The game board may look busy to players who don’t have slot experience, but a discerning eye will be delighted to be in the shoes of a true voodoo lover. As well as the game board with the slot machine itself, the setting is sublime. Ice cubes float in a glass of whiskey and a cigar burns in an ashtray, next to a bird’s skull and a cross-less rosary. On the other side, jacks, dice and a candle complete the wizard’s panoply… It’s like New Orleans!

The symbols are simple, and you will see that the bonuses are crazy! Rocks and portraits of witches and wizards are the main symbols, you’ll also see two voodoo dolls displayed… Who do they look like?

To play the bonus features of Baron Samedi™, it’s best to be initiated…

Baron Samedi bonus

Hold on to your hats, you won’t need incense to go into a trance on the Baron Samedi™ slot machine, as this iSlot offers you no less than 36 different features! Needless to say, we can’t detail them all in this article, but just know that the Wild and Scatter symbols will be seriously spiced up!

You’ll probably have wondered what the two piles of cards at the top of the game board are for… Well, Yggdrasil never does things by halves, this feature consists in collecting Tarot cards to earn even more chips…

In short, you will have understood, a great adventure is about to begin in Baron Samedi™. It’s up to you to enjoy as much as possible and discover all these wonderful and well-balanced features. Although this game is accessible to all major players, we recommend Baron Samedi™ to players initiated, not to voodoo magic, but to the art of the slot machine… It is a complete and complex game, and to win, it is necessary to have a good overview.

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