Auto Mode and How It Works in Modern Slots


Modern slot machines in CasinoChan Australia support automatic play mode, which allows you not to run the reels manually after every round. Players can set the parameters of the auto play and just watch as the combinations appear on the screen one after another. This is especially convenient for those who play on PC and get tired of constantly clicking with the mouse.

The Basic Settings of the Auto Play Mode

Old slot machines may not have automatic game settings. Users had to press a special button to start gambling, and the slot machine went to the mode of repeating spins. It could be stopped manually, otherwise the game lasted until all money in the account was lost. But in modern slot machines, there are different settings of automatic mode:

Number of spins. This option allows you to set the number of spins to be performed.

  • Game speed. To make combinations fall out more often, some slots allow you to speed up the rotation of the reels.
  • Time limits. Slots with this option allow limiting this mode by time, but not by the number of spins.
  • Money limits. Using this setting, you can set a limit, the achievement of which stops the auto play, thereby saving the player from losing all the money from his account.
  • Bonuses. During the bonus level or free spins in many slots, the auto mode is turned off. This option allows you to choose: to continue it in case of a bonus or not.

Besides these parameters, slots can support other game settings in automatic format: setting the amounts of wins and losses, the size of time pauses, delays, etc.

Why This Mode Is Needed in Slot Machines

Slots Auto Mode

Playing slots in this mode is convenient in different situations:

  • Tournaments, the terms of which include committing as many spins as possible.
  • Fast wagering bonuses, for which a large wager is set.
  • Getting acquainted with the gameplay of new slot machines in the mode of free bets.
  • A game on a smartphone with a small touch screen.

Features of the Auto Mode in Slots

The gameplay on the machine in terms of chances for luck does not differ from the usual game. The same RNG algorithm is used, so the frequency and probability of winning remain the same. But in auto mode, it is impossible to run the risk game to double the prize, and with a large number of spins the effect of RTP begins to appear. That’s why it’s not worth getting carried away with the automatic game, because if several thousand spins are made – the mathematical chances for luck will melt in front of your eyes.

But the presence of this mode is not the only reason to select a particular game. No one chooses slots randomly. You have to think, analyze, and look at the profitability of a particular game. Bonuses and extra features can determine the potential profit. It is important to always strive to find your style of play and be aware of modern mathematical approaches to increase your wealth.

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